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Cursed lover

10. října 2010 v 20:26 | Peti
Tak jsem po dlouhý době zas pocítila potřebu se vypsat.

Cursed Lover

As his queen of steel comes
through the darkest corridor
Her heart beats just for him
her passionate soul can't wait anymore

Misunderstood loyalty beyond the grave to the devil
she's still flying on the wings
Poor girl, you sold your beautiful body
'cause of your neverending heartstrings

But no one sees the wounds on her pale skin
No one hears her moan and cry.. oh what a sin

Hey all masters of hell
take him into your hands
burn her sweetheart in the fire
he shouldn't be so admired

Our Flight

24. ledna 2010 v 13:51 | Peti
Jestli někoho zajímá, co dělám v hodinách, když se nudím, může se přesvědčit, že psaní zápisu to není. ;)

Our Flight

It must be wonderful to fly in the air
above the ground, forests and hills
don't fly away, stay sincere
love those who give smile and tears